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Technology has rapidly evolved in the last two decades and in turn, has impacted our everyday lives. From the monolithic computer once only available to corporations for research and development to the almost ubiquitous movement to smartphones, these pocket devices have crept into so many features of our world. And trust that is has not gone unnoticed.

New Tech City, a podcast show through New York Public Radio, has created a new series asking listeners to describe their relationship with their smartphones. Some have described this relationship as tenuous, but a necessary evil. Others elaborating extensively on how their smartphone is a limb they couldn't imagine life without. Through this series, the host, Manoush Zomorodi, challenges listeners to take time to "space-out" and simply get lost in ones thoughts.

Researchers have also delved into this topic. Some researchers believing that screen time is detrimental for children. Others seeking to unearth some of the benefits for children, especially toddlers to indulge in a bit of screen time. This article from PBS Newshour discusses the advantageous benefits of some screen for younger children as it helps the development of association skills as suggested by Georgetown University researchers.
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What was your initial reaction to the depictions of the people in this video? Could you identify with them?
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