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Here is a high resolution graphic showing the end of the universe as a timeline. 

If we're going to learn about how the universe is going to end then some understanding of some of its other mysteries is important too.

Even though Einstein discarded the idea of Dark Energy in the early 1900s, he is still credited for inspiring this field of scientific research. 

For a little more insight into types of forces, The Physics classroom is a good place to start. If you are really interested in the Physics of the universe the Wolfram|Alpha is a great place to explore.

Other interesting reads and sites to visit about the end of the Earth, the end of us, and the end of the universe, a timeline of the future of the universe.

Can't have a lesson about the end of the universe without a classic R.E.M. song to accompany the learning.
Humanity's understanding of the universe has been expanding for thousands of years, and the thought that it could all disappear one day is one that would scare most of us. The study of Astrophysics may seem overwhelming, but it can help make sense of the size and scope of our universe and reminds us how little we still know about it. For now...
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Markham, Ontario, Canada
This is a frightening and fascinating topic that touches on literature, the arts, science, social studies, history, and religion. In fact, it covers all aspects of our existence. Share your thoughts on what it means to you to contemplate the end of the universe.
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