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Can we live on other planets? Have we considered that there are other planets than those in our solar system?  This article discusses 5 other potential places humans can thrive if we cannot live on Earth anymore. NASA recently discovered "Earth's twin- Kepler 452".  Visit this site and take a look.  "How can we live on Mars?" might just answer all those questions about possibly sending people to Mars. 

What is terraforming? Watch this Discovery News video and find out how we can live on Mars without a space suit.

Interested in what life would be like if you were stranded on Mars? Listen to the author of The Martian (a fiction book) talk about the valid science in his book. Water discovered on Mars just might spark even more interest in colonizing another planet.

Need more evidence of why we need to take care of this planet?  Watch:  Why We Can't Live On Other Planets.

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The search for other Earth-like planets:  Oliver Guyon
Could a Saturn moon harbor life?:  Carolyn Porco
Could we actually live on Mars?:   Mari Foroutan
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