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To some, it may seem silly that Audri would take so much time putting together a machine that completes a task that you could do in fewer steps more simply.  However, there are many people who pay homage to Rube Goldberg by creating machines like Audri's each year - there are even competitions to create Rube Goldberg machines!  

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist, author, sculptor and inventor who lived from 1883 - 1970. For more information about his life, click here

Audri Clemmons is not the first person to re-create Rube Goldberg type machines. Check out these other machines developed by people all over the world! Rube Tube.

If any of your teachers are interested in working on some lessons based on Rube Goldberg's ideas, there are plenty of resources on the Rube Goldberg official site:
If the idea of creating a Rube Goldberg machine appeals to you, get your school started with a Rube Goldberg team!  The task for the 2016 season is to open an umbrella.  For more details click here.
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What are the lessons you learn when you fail at doing something? Are these important lessons? Why or why not?
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In what situations is failure an okay option to accept?
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