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Did you ever really think about becoming an astronaut?  No big deal, you go into space and eat floating tacos and perform assigned tasks. Not true! This Human Research Program from NASA provides all the information you might need to know if you plan to spend a substantial amount of time in space! Take a look at the effect on your muscles, motor skills and sleep cycles.  

Have some questions about the effects of a long space mission? Watch this video and get some answers. Not as easy as you might think! How space affects the human body discusses the importance exercising in space. 5 Ways Space Travel Affects the Human Body provides some great anecdotes about astronaut bodies and space.  

Can the human body withstand a trip to Mars?  Watch this video and find out! Have you heard about the Twins Study by NASA? Identical twins being studied, one on Earth and one in space. Why? NASA wants some insight into all the subtle changes that may yet to be identified that could occur during extended space travel. Also, check out Scott and Mike Kelly with TIME Magazine!  This website:  A Year In Space from TIME Magazine is full of information about this trip. Take a look!
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