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It's important to be aware of current events occurring around the world. What are some of the ways you keep up with news and how do you choose the media you consume? For a couple of suggestions on how to choose your news, feel free to view the TED-Ed Lesson "How to choose your news" by Damon Brown.

Save the Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. To learn more about the organization, Save the Children, that produced the video you just viewed, take a look at their website.
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In spite of the sad nature of this video, what do you feel are some important takeaways from the depictions provided?
05/20/2015 • 
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Do you think that these depictions could occur in the UK today?
05/20/2015 • 
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What are some of cues you noticed indicating this change of this young girl's situation?
05/20/2015 • 
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