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The bristlecone pine is one amazing tree!  This awesome video:  The bristlecone's fate will teach you a bit more about this icon of longevity.  

The world's oldest living things, a TED Talk by Rachel Sussman is another great resource to find out more about these ancient treasures.  Survivors is an article featuring Rachel Sussman and her quest to find the oldest living thing in New York City.  A Gallery of Tenacious Survivors from the New York Times features a few of Rachel's pictures from her book.  Take a look around this site that includes several enlightening interviews about experiences she encountered during her photographic excursions.  

Love photography?  Then, this is the link for you!  TIME Magazine's:  These are 11 of the Oldest Things in the World has a photogallery of ancient organisms for you to click through.  The World’s Oldest Living Things: A Decade-Long Photographic Masterpiece at the Intersection of Art, Science, and Philosophy from Brainpickings is a great final stop.  If only these organisms could talk...don't you wonder what they would say?
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