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Need additional context about the Greek Debt Crisis? Watch this video about the Greek Debt Crisis

Greece has been in trouble for years. Unemployment, bailouts, protests and changes of government have been in the news often. But, do you know why? And how did they get into that mess? This animation will explain what happened. In this chapter, we'll learn what happened when Greece joined the euro zone and started to spend more than they should

Read this article on New York times explains about Greece Debt Crisis (,  as well as this opinion piece that appeared in the New York Times (

Interested in other news surrounding the Greek Debt Crisis? This website is a place where many perspectives have been aggregated so you can keep up with the latest news and opinion on this front. 
If you were the prime minister of Greece, what measures would you take to solve the Greek Debt Crisis?
Write a response of not more than 200 words and share it on your blog.

If you were able to go back in time, what decisions would you change that would make the Greek Debt Crisis disappear? 
Write a response of not more than 100 words and share it on your blog.

Make your own 3 minute video of how and why the Greek Debt Crisis happened. Publish this video on Youtube and privately share with your class.