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Everything you need to know about the TED-Ed Student Talks Program

By Valerie Quirk on January 29, 2021 in News + Updates

TED-Ed Weekend 2020

Ananya Grover speaks at TED-Ed Weekend 2020

At TED-Ed, we work to spark and celebrate the ideas of every student and educator in the world. Learn more about TED’s global student voice initiative and how to get involved:

What is the Student Talks Program?

— A curriculum to help your students develop their best ideas. Students will discover and explore great ideas with peers in their community and around the world. Utilizing a comprehensive curriculum with 13 explorations, students will dive into the ideas that matter to them. As students prepare their short, TED-style Talks, they’ll develop skills in speaking and listening, researching and supporting their ideas, and giving and receiving feedback, just to name a few! From the power of music to dealing with depression, these ideas are important to develop and discuss among members of all ages.

— A space to amplify students’ ideas around the world. By completing the program and uploading their very own TED-style Talk, your students will have the opportunity to share their ideas with the world. Whether uploading their Talk, speaking at a TED-Ed event, or getting on a call with other students– this program will help amplify and encourage their brilliant ideas. Click here to watch TED-Ed Student Talks. »

— A program that connects students with other groups around the world. Your students will have access to join tens of thousands of students in 100+ countries. Through Connect Calls, students can exchange cultural traditions, new recommendations for music, video games and graphic novels, and most importantly have fun! Click here to read about connecting with the TED-Ed community. »

Who is the Student Talks Program for?

The Student Talks Program is designed for students ages 8-18, in high school/secondary school and below. This program is best suited for educational organizations, and to be educator-led. There are many instances where you can apply as an educator if you work outside of the school classroom. Those include (but are not limited to): librarian, a curriculum or technology coordinator, a district admin, a homeschool parent, or a youth organization program leader.

How do you get started with the Student Talks Program?

We operate on a trimester application system and our program is designed for educators or program leaders in schools, districts or educational organizations. All approved applications will receive access to resources for a year (12 month access).

Here are dates for the following application cycles:

Application cycle 1:

Opens on February 1 and closes on March 15. Applications submitted during this cycle will receive approval on April 1.

Application cycle 2:

Opens on April 1 and closes on July 15. Applications submitted during this cycle will receive approval on August 1.

Application cycle 3:

Opens on August 1 and closes on November 8. Applications submitted during this cycle will receive approval on December 1.

Read our Information packet and click here to apply!

Where is the Student Talks Program?

The TED-Ed Student Talks program operates in over 130 countries around the world. You and your students will be joining a vibrant and diverse group of educators and students from all corners of the globe!

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