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TED-Ed Weekend June 2017: Coming to you via livestream!

By Laura McClure on February 2, 2017 in News + Updates, TED-Ed Clubs

It’s almost time: TED-ED WEEKEND RETURNS on JUNE 17, 2017! To watch the show and cheer on the speakers during the event, grab some friends and tune in to the livestream here.

​For those of you who haven’t heard, TED-Ed Weekend (TEW)​ is designed to bring the voices of TED-Ed Club Members to the TED stage in New York City. This event is just like the official TED conference, except for one thing: the audience, session leaders and speakers are all members of TED-Ed Clubs.

Here’s the TED-Ed Weekend June 2017 speaker lineup:

Arie Nyoman is an 11th grade student from Denpasar, Bali. Coming from a tropical island, the sun has always inspired him; that’s why he decided to talk about solar energy. Arie is a proud alum of Bali’s Model United Nations. When he’s not debating world issues, you can find him playing tennis, or laughing with his friends.

Darlene Gitta Hamida is a 10th grade student from Depok, Indonesia. She joined TED-Ed because she thought it was time to use her voice to contribute to a better future. She chose her topic simply by asking herself, “What do I like?” Gitta is proud of who she is: a connoisseur of modern day heroes, a secret fashionista, and an appreciator of her friends’ classroom antics.

Haaziq Kazi is a 5th grade student from Pune, India. A documentary he watched, about the effects of pollution and trash on marine life, made him think: “I have to do something about this.” Haaziq is passionate about crowdfunding a library for underprivileged children in his community. What makes him laugh: reading jokes and books like Tintin.

India Hawkins is a 12th grade student from Richmond, Virginia. Her hair is a small piece of her everyday truth. India created a confidence workshop at the YWCA for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Even though she wasn’t alive when it first aired on television, the 90’s sitcom Martin always makes her laugh.

Jaerin Jo is a senior from Busan, South Korea. After participating in a debate competition about AI in school, she wanted to know how to effectively integrate AI with human judgment. When she’s not imagining how robots will affect the world’s justice systems, you can find Jaerin playing piano, badminton or watching comedy shows on TV.

James Phillips is a junior from Torrance, California, but his family is originally from Clevedon, a small town in England. He chose to talk about overcoming ADHD because in many ways it was his life story, molding the relationships in his life. James spends a lot of time volunteering for the American Red Cross Club at his school, playing chess, and longboarding.

Jessica Guimarães is a senior from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jessica is fascinated by the amount of time we humans spend dreaming. This fascination led to her talk. Jessica is incredibly proud of her relationships with her friends and family. She spends as much time as she can with them — and loves to have her favorite “English songs” playing in the background.

Michael Mireles is a senior from Mission, Texas. He is constantly inspired by others to work toward positive change and bettering the community. Michael loves meeting new people, exploring new foods, and making jokes — something he plans to do a lot of at TED-Ed Weekend!

Thiago Schneider Martins is a senior from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Thiago is proud to have the opportunity to raise awareness about the harmful consequences of the excessive use of antibiotics. Most people don’t know this, but Thiago is an excellent teacher. He loves to hear stories from friends about what Brazilians do when traveling abroad — and plans to create some of his own stories at TED-Ed Weekend!

Trishna Bindu is a 12th grade Indian student studying in Bali, Indonesia. For her talk, Trishna chose to share a personal experience with a topic that has always beguiled her — the human mind. In addition to TED-Ed Clubs, she spends her time doing Model UN and tutoring at an orphanage. Trishna loves singing and has a secret talent for drawing chibi characters.

Applications for this TED-Ed Weekend are now closed, but don’t worry — there will be more event opportunities in the future! We can’t wait for more TED-Ed Club Members from around the world to join us here at TED HQ​.

~The TED-Ed Team

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To learn more about the TED-Ed Clubs program or to create your own club, visit TED-Ed Clubs.

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