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How to start organizing a TEDx event if you’re a TED-Ed Club leader

By Hailey Reissman on July 13, 2016 in TED-Ed Clubs

Why are TED-Ed Clubs and TEDx events such a perfect match? Because if you’re a TED-Ed Clubs leader, then you want to show off the product of your members’ hard work — talks! One way to do this is through a TEDxYouth event — a TEDx event centered around the ideas from young minds. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1 – Learn more about TEDxYouth events. Dive into the details from TED, watch some TEDxYouth talks, or read our wrap-ups of TEDxYouth events from the past.

Step 2 – Get inspired by TEDxYouth events hosted by other TED-Ed Club Leaders.

Step 3 – Watch this amazing video on TEDx events + TED-Ed Clubs.

Step 4 – Look through the following tips in order to submit an A+ application:

  • Give yourself plenty of time! You’ll need to submit an application, plan and execute event preparations. This may take up to a full year, which means you’d be applying for your license before you’ve gotten very far into your Club cycle. That’s ok!
  • A typical application takes between 6-8 weeks to be reviewed and approved. You may get questions from the TEDx application review team–the quicker you respond to those, the quicker your application may be approved!
  • The TEDx team recommends a minimum of 3 months to organize an event.
  • Submit an outline of some of the ideas you may have presented at your event: your Club Members may not know yet what their talks will be about, but please include a few sample talk ideas from your Club Members, and know that you’re welcome to change/update/shift your program as your Club Members develop their ideas more fully!
  • If your Club operates outside of a school setting (i.e. as part of a community or educational organization like the YMCA or FIRST Robotics), you can still apply! You will simply need to be clear in your application that you do NOT plan to co-brand your event with any other organization, and instead, apply with a location-based name (i.e. TEDxYouth@BrightonPark, NOT TEDxYouth@KentuckyYMCA)
  • And for more tips, check out the TEDx site

Step 5 – Apply for a TEDxYouth license

Step 6  Wait for a reply from the friendly TEDx applications team! Once you’re an official TEDx organizer, you will be provided with oodles of resources from the TEDx team — and cheered on by TEDx organizers all over the globe. (Until then, please email with any questions you have about the TEDx event application process.) Have fun!

To learn more about TED-Ed Clubs or to start your own club, go to

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