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Introducing a global library of student ideas

By Ashley Kolaya on March 29, 2016 in News + Updates, TED-Ed Clubs


TED-Ed is about sparking curiosity and celebrating ideas. TED-Ed Clubs bring this spark and celebration into the classroom by providing a platform for students to discover, explore and present their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks. Now there’s a new addition to that platform: the TED-Ed Clubs Channel on YouTube.

The TED-Ed Clubs Channel is a global library of student ideas that aims to inform, inspire and introduce you to brilliant young minds in all corners of the globe. Want to know what ideas are relevant to youth right now? The TED-Ed Clubs Channel on YouTube showcases some of the biggest, smallest, boldest, bravest, quirkiest student ideas you’ll find anywhere — and gives you actionable ways to be the change you wish to see in the world. Need another reason to subscribe? Check out the curated playlists of ideas shared by TED-Ed Club members. For example, here are 10 student life hacks for a better world:

  1. Turn up the wow. Everyone has the power to entertain — spend some time thinking about the special effects that you can put into the world.

  2. Savor the flavor of failure. When your perfect dish ends up tasting terrible, take another bite. Then start again.

  3. Discover the joy of taxes! See what schools could be doing to arm us with the skills we really need in life.

  4. Stop and smell the sound. We have more tools to help us communicate with the world than we think: let your senses play a little!

  5. Take a navy shower. You are the key to creating a more environmentally sustainable future; own your contribution to Earth’s future with a few simple moves.

  6. Invest in thrift! Learn how books, not money, can be your own personal stylist.

  7. Get into the “flow” zone. When you spend time in creative flow, your brain is happier; when your brain is happier, the world is too.

  8. Embrace chaos. To find your center in this shaky world, let your perfectly alphabetized bookshelf be just a little out of order.

  9. Pay more attention to the road. Reduce the danger of car accidents by paying just a little bit more — not money, but attention.

  10. Pay less attention to my nose. Help decrease the suicide rate in young women around the world.

Want to start a TED-Ed Club at your school? Sign up here.

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