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The search for King Richard III


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Did you know that archaeological excavations are like gigantic jigsaw puzzles? Use the recent discovery of King Richard III to understand how. Through careful examination of old maps, painstaking archaeological exploration, and use of good science, archaeologists piece together the puzzle to share their amazing discovery of England's famous King ("my kingdom for a horse") with the world.

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There are many useful websites and resources for the field of bioarchaeology. The best books for learning how to study human remains are Human Osteology, by White et al., as well as the Human Bone Manual, by White and Folkens.This is the most comprehensive overview of the discovery of Richard III by the team at Leicester University.There are many different approaches archaeologists can take when trying to find a site. Here's an article that describes some of those approaches.A code of ethics actually exists for archaeologists. It's important to treat bodies with respect for many reasons. Here's an article from The Economist about ethics in archaeology.

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