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Additional Resources for you to Explore

Read some interviews on the web.

In addition to interviewing successful people face-to-face and by phone, I read and analyzed thousands of other people's interviews in books, magazines and on the web. Try doing your own quick research on the web.

a) Go on-line and read some interviews with your favorite stars, heroes, or people you admire. Some sources for on-line interviews are listed below.

b) Pretend you’re a detective and analyze what they say and look for clues to their success.

c) Note where they mention any factors that helped them succeed. If it’s on-line, you can just copy and paste quotes that you like and then organize them.

d) Do you see any pattens where different people say the same things helped them succeed?

e) Summarize your insights and conclusions.

Some sources for on-line interviews

Academy of Achievement is a great site. You can watch the interviews, but I prefer to read the print version and then I can copy and paste the parts I want to save.

Larry King interviews:

Here’s Chris Anderson interviewing Richard Branson:

Richard St. John website

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