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Munshi-South hopes that his work will inspire people to think about their cities and their parks in a new way. What do you know about the native species in your area? Collect the public education materials available at your local park, nature center, botanical garden, zoo and/or university. If there’s no single, comprehensive guide to native wildlife and plant life, create your own for local distribution.

Coyote sightings are becoming commonplace in urban and suburban areas across the U.S. Research the spread of coyotes and what response(s) they’re getting by visiting the web sites of the state agencies that manage them. These include sites like the following:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Coyotes in Maryland

California Department of Fish and Game: Keep Me Wild

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission: Coyote

Pick four states and compare their approaches to coyote population management. How does your own state compare, if coyotes are found there?

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