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Self-compassion involves treating ourselves as we would our best friend. Over the course of a day write down your negative self-talk, such as, "I'm not good enough" or, "I'm not smart enough to do that job/get that grade". Now imagine saying those negative self-talk comments to your best friend, telling him that he is not good enough etc. Would you do that? Often we are kinder to others than we are to ourselves. It is worth working on self-compassion, too, as there are numerous benefits. Here are just some of them for people with higher levels of self-compassion as compared to people with lower levels of self-compassion:

Higher wellbeing
Higher levels of happiness
Greater satisfaction with life
Greater wisdom
Higher motivation
Stronger and healthier relationships
Stronger sense of self-worth
Less depression
Less anxiety
Less self-criticism
Less rumination
Less general stress
Less troubled by the criticism and negative comments of others

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If we focus on our weaknesses will be more driven to fix them and ultimately perform at a higher standard? Or, do you think self-compassion will help us to perform better in the workplace?
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