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Check out the following videos to learn more about persuading people:During and after watching, add to the list you made of tips for persuasive writing; list some techniques you see in the videos that you want to use when you start writing your persuasive essay.How it WorksScience of PersuasionMagic Words of Persuasion with Kevin Hogan7 Magic Phrases of Persuasion with Kevin HoganHow Persuasion WorksWhat Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasionWriting PersuasivelyIntroductory Paragraphs | Persuasive Essay Writing LessonHow to Write a Persuasive EssayHow to Write a Persuasive Essay: An IntroductionSearch the youtube/Google for more examples, videos, and resources.Click on the "Discuss" tab and contribute your ideas to the Techniques for Persuasive Writing discussion.Some things to think about:How do I argue a position that I don't agree with personally? Do I have to change my technique depending on who I'm trying to persuade?How can I use literary techniques (word choice, imagery, illusion, idiomatic expressions, etc.) to help me persuade people?Is it better to be positive or negative when persuading people to agree with my opinion? What's the difference between confidence, assertiveness, aggressiveness, and passiveness?What's the best way to organize my points/thoughts?How can I use my introduction and conclusion to emphasize my points?
Now that you've got some background, some ideas flowing, and hopefully, some interest in persuasion, let's start writing!
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Let us hear some of your ideas on how to effectively persuade people.
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