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How to survive the Dip: I Seek Failure: Adam Kreek at TEDxVictoria 2013

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Video from TEDx Talks YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

This TED X Talk from an Olympic gold medal winner illustrates not only how to conquer a dip, but it also examines how we all should really handle failure.
Additional Resources for you to Explore
Kreek and Wetzel both intentionally seek failure on the quests for success. For Kreek, his positive attitude toward failure, what he calls "the happy fail," is what makes all the difference. Think about how "the happy fail" is related to the main trait for success identified in these articles: The #1 Trait that Determines Long Term Success and Power of Defeat: How to Raise a Kid with Grit.

For Tuesday (Sep. 27th), choose one of the prompts below to complete and share with me via Drive.

1. Write a one page essay summarizing the importance of grit in one of the articles above.
2. Write a one page comparison essay in which you compare the two articles.
3. Write a one page essay in which you analyze how Kreek's TedX Talk relates to one of the articles.
4. Find another article on the importance of failure. Send me the link along with a one page summary.
5. Interview a boss, family member, coach, or peer who has experienced failure. How did they deal with it? Did they grow from it? What do they think of the concepts of "the happy fail" and "grit"? Write a one page summary of your interview.
6.  Examine what Godin has to say about failure in The Dip and compare it to one of the articles.

Be ready to share your findings with the class tomorrow.

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