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And so it all began! And do not think that it was simple and easy, on the opposite! Things were severe: a comet traveling at high speed dangerously approaching Pluto and if struck ... bye bye planet Earth! How and why of course, do not ask me, because to be honest I cannot give you any serious answers, and it is not our issue! What is important is that we had a mission! The task was calling us! But there was a small problem. The mission we undertook 15 kids of ages from 10 to 12 years and to collaborate was not the easiest thing- any of you real people who are themselves or have siblings at that age I'm sure you know very well what I'm talking about! So we split into groups of 2, 3 or 4 people and we started. Our aim was to build a robot and to program it in order to make a path in space from Venus to Mercury so as to collect large solar energy stocks and prevent the collision of the comet with Pluto, which is certainly not easy, but not impossible for "brilliant minds" like mine. And naturally the mission succeeded, the Earth was saved and life continues to flow calmly without any problems, for the simple reason that this whole scenario was hypothetical.
But it was a lovely experience, original and fun from which I gained a lot. I learned first and foremost to build and to program robots, to work together with others and to find solutions to problems, not to be competitive without reason, to be more diligent and methodical in what I do, or at least try for it and most importantly all that what really matters is to put my best to do my best in everything you do. Because as the saying of my mom "what matters is the journey and not the destination" (not sure that I understand what she means, but I say it so as to show that now and then I hear what she says).
Please write your conclusions on Lefteris's story. Your motivations, your interests and the things that make you enjoy and love what you really like to do.
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