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Additional Resources for you to Explore
Here is a quick video about Design Thinking.

Here is a quick video about Universal Design for Learning.

Design Thinking can enable teachers to begin to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles into their curricula. UDL is a philosophy that posits that ALL children can learn in an inclusive environment if given the appropriate supports. 

Click here for a brief article explaining the three principles of Universal Design for Learning. 

Click here for an in depth breakdown of the three principles of Universal Design for Learning. This particular breakdown will enable anyone who works with learners to see exactly how the three principles of UDL work. 

Click here for 5 quick ways educators can work UDL into their daily practice.

Click here for a very in depth resource from the National Centre On Universal Design for Learning that provides either a resource or an exemplar for every aspect of the UDL Framework. 
Elise Roy, in her TED Talk, asks her audience to learn to look sideways for solutions. How would school change if educators and their students could learn to look sideways together so as to design the ultimate learning space that takes into consideration everyone's learning needs?

What would students ask for? 

What would educators ask for? 

What if students and educators spent the first week of school design thinking viable Universal Design for Learning solutions together?

An excellent resource that could help educators and students re-think and re-design their learning environment is Rebecca Louise Hare's and Dr. Robert Dillon's The Space: A Guide for Educators.