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Who is the Historian in Your Classroom?

Lesson created by Peter Pappas using

Video from teachinghistoryorg's channel YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

Before you watch this video, stop and think about your own experience as a student in history classes. What was your history teacher doing? What were you doing? Who was the historian in your classroom?
Additional Resources for you to Explore
In an article entitled Thinking Like a Historian Sam Wineburg asked Kevin, a sixteen-year-old high school junior, what he needed to do well in history class. Kevin replied: “A good memory.” The conversation continued:
SW: “Anything else?”
Kevin: “Nope. Just memorize facts and stuff, know 'em cold, and when you get the test, give it all back to the teacher.”
SW: “What about thinking? Does that have anything to do with history?”
Kevin: “Nope. It's all pretty simple. Stuff happened a long time ago. People wrote it down. Others copied it and put it in a book. History!”

How would the roles of teacher and student change if Kevin "became a historian?"

Looking for resources to help students develop historical thinking skills? Start here:
Stanford History Education Group Link
Reading Like a Historian - lesson plans Link
Beyond the Bubble - new history assessments Link

About this lesson
This lesson created by Peter Pappas for his secondary social studies methods class at the University of Portland (Ore) EdMethods Class Blog. In addition to the history methods content, it will be used by his students to consider the efficacy of the "flipped" classroom approach. 
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