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Where are they? #refugeeswelcome Part II

Lesson created by Ute Bescht using

Video from Gapminder Foundation YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

Hello, great to have you here. We have started with #refugeeswelcome ART, now it's time to take care about some facts. And the master of statistics tells us in simple words interesting facts about the Syrian refugees, where they went, the ratio of people in several countries and how they need to leave..

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Additional Resources for you to Explore
Let's have a look at Germanys role and reaction on the refugee crisis. This is a short video by 

DW News. Merkel Allows All Syrian Refugees Into Germany.

But of course there is always the lates informaion on Deutsche Welle - simply get over there and read anything of your interest. 

Hungary and Croatia struggle in the migration crisis. Croatio has blocked the border, Budapest has called up 500 reservists to help deal with "crisis caused by the illegal migrants", according to a Defense Ministry statement.

Read the full article here : Migrant row worsens between Hungary and Croatia

News report nealy every hour about the drama and tragedies of refugees dying on their way to safer havens. 

Since the pictures are all over the media, many of us might have started to ask:
Why don't they simply leave the country by plane, by car, bay any other forms of transport?
Why do the traffickers , who chage thousands of euros to get the people out of  war zones , still earn money? Why do people risk their life instead of simply get a ticket and board a plane? 
This is the answer:
In our third part we lissten to Hans Rosling again...
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