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I hope you found the questions in the think section stimulating, now to share deeper knowledge on the Internet of Things. Look at this informative link provided by Goldman Sachs about how the Internet of Things has permeated through our lives.

Okay after viewing the infographic you can see a trend in how technology has become more prevalent in our lives for example the exponential rise of smart technology such as smart phones has made collating data easier than ever for marketing departments which utilise this information to create products and services that improve our quality for life.  Other benefits of the internet of things is the potential changes available within the workplace for example sensor based technology can be used to analyse individual and group productivity. This information can be used by manager as an indicator of performance. This will give strategic thinkers within the corporation valuable information that can improve existing practices within the organisation.

Another benefit of the Internet of Things is information extracted from smartwatches or fitness bands can personalise healthcare services and be an indicator of underlying illness for example a fitness band calculates the heartbeats per minute of someone doing physical activity. This could the wearer an indication of illnesses such as high blood pressure. The Internet of things will also influence homes with the future for example smart thermostats can give homeowners an indicator of their usage of heat, water and electric which can ensure that they do not  frivolously use expensive utilities. They can also use the set the thermostat to automatically turned should the temperature below a certain level. This will ensure the welfare of Homeowners.

However there are potential disadvantages of the Internet of Things for example Older personnel within the workforce could require extensive training to understand the technology involved with the Internet of Things. Also the internet of Things within the workplace could result in redundancies since automated systems can do the job. A relevant example is within supermarket it is now common for automated tills to be used. This means that less personnel are required to operate a till.

Another problem associated with the Internet of things is related to data privacy. The internet of Things is dependent on people sharing collated information or data through devices so it essential that information is protected from cybercrime by companies to ensure that people have trust and confide information with other parties.

To surmise the Internet of Things will revolutionise our lives however companies have a societal responsibility to ensure that information is protected form people who wish to misuse the data for criminal gain.

Please feel free to peruse these additional links the Government stance towards the Internet of Things. an excellent piece of additional reading. further information about the IOT  and how this will directly affect Europe.

Thank you for watching the Internet of things and why you should you care? produced by Benson Hougland. I hope this gives you a glimpse of how existing automated devices such as Fitness Bands, Smart Traffic lights and Smart thermostats can affect our personal lives into small incremental ways . But I also hope this Ted presentation made you contemplate how this can have a truly revolutionary effect on our society economically and socially, both for the better and for the worse. So to surmise the Internet of things will become a more prevalent presence in our ways in the future which means that as a workforce we will continually need to adapt to the changes.