Additional Resources for you to Explore
you can learn more about Scratch Jr and download here - Two suggested projects to make in Scratch Jr;                                                            1) create a project with a background, with one character that moves around. Show it to someone! (5-10min)                                                                  2) create a project with a theme and purpose. Include background, several characters, one created by yourself or a photo of you. The characters should move in several ways and you should add sound. Then show it to someone!  (30-90 min)                                                                   
Its important to understand the basics of coding, that you give instructions to a computer to do something. There are more and more programming languages that becomes easier to use or provide templates to get a head start. You can learn more about coding - check out all these sources - Now go do some more projects either in Scratch Jr or via the links shared.  Best wishes in your coding insights!