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Introduction to coding - playfully and fun with Scratch Jr

Lesson created by liselotte engstam using

Video from Samantha Patten YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

More people needs to understand the basics of coding and programming. A great way is to use a graphical playful tool to get a first taste. MIT & Tuft developed an easy, fun and free coding app called Scratch Jr. Download it here . WHATCH the tutorial video, then go to the sections THINK, DIG DEEPER and DISCUSS to learn, try and reflect! 
Additional Resources for you to Explore
you can learn more about Scratch Jr and download here - Two suggested projects to make in Scratch Jr;                                                            1) create a project with a background, with one character that moves around. Show it to someone! (5-10min)                                                                  2) create a project with a theme and purpose. Include background, several characters, one created by yourself or a photo of you. The characters should move in several ways and you should add sound. Then show it to someone!  (30-90 min)                                                                   
Its important to understand the basics of coding, that you give instructions to a computer to do something. There are more and more programming languages that becomes easier to use or provide templates to get a head start. You can learn more about coding - check out all these sources - Now go do some more projects either in Scratch Jr or via the links shared.  Best wishes in your coding insights! 

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