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1. How much paper could be saved if one person only used one paper towel per day? (Write the amount in figures, please!) 2. How many towel dispensers is Joe Smith mentioning? Can you name them? 3. Can you name the added snag to the dispenser that contains recycled paper towels? 4. Which are the magical words to learn how to use a paper towel properly? 5. Which is his favourite reason for advising on 12 times? 6. Why is the fold important? 7. What sort of trick does Joe Smith reveal about the perfect paper towel technique even using half a towel? 8. What secret is he promising for next year? How environmentally friendly do you consider yourself? Can you provide examples of your own environmentally friendly attitudes? Do you regard your country as an evironmentally friendly one?
Surf these eco-friendly infographics, choose one or two that call your attention and talk about them to the rest of your mates.
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