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Additional Resources for you to Explore
National  Geographic addresses exactly what migration is here. Now take a look at the video:  Positive Images:  Why do people migrate? Think about it, what would it take for you to leave the only home you have ever known?  

Migration involves both push and pull factors.  Push factors are the reasons you might decide to leave your country and go to another one.  What might be some "push" factors for you to make this change?  War, crime, poverty,lack of safety are just a few "push" factors.  Where you decide to go may depend on the "pull" factors.  What might they be?  Safety, more fertile land, decreased crime, political stability are just a few "pull" factors.  Want to learn more about these factors and why people migrate?  Go here.  Then, take a look at these five stories of migration from Greece.  What were the push and pull factors in their stories?

Understanding The Refugee Crisis That Is Currently Going On In Europe, Syria and Around the World by John Green gives some insight into what is currently happening worldwide with migration.

How can stereotypes and prejudices best be addressed?  Stories are a start.  Listen to the stories of people who have migrated to a new world.   Gain some insight into their lives.  Start with this TED Talk by Barat Ali Batoor:  My desperate journey with a human smuggler. Then read these Six real life stories of migration. The Washington Post site:  REFUGE: 18 Stories from the Syrian Exodus tells the stories of struggle, survival, sadness and hope from the current refugee crisis.