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Let's now look at the different scenarios you may be placed in during a competitive setting when shooting from distance. 

This next video highlights Shooting from Distance: After a First Touch. Notice how your first touch in this scenario will be key to creating space for yourself and executing a successful shot at goal. Go outside, and practice, taking a shot at goal from distance, after your first touch. It is simple, all you need is a friend, cone and soccer ball.

Another scenario that you will finding yourself in during a practice or game is running with the ball and executing a shot at goal after the run. Watch this next clip on Shooting from Distance: After Running with the Ball, observe how the preparation touch from the players and then their ability to aim and shoot leads to their success. 

Full Playlist of Shooting from Distance in Soccer is available here.
Remember that, as players, we do not just develop on the practice field or in a competitive setting with our coach, it is crucial we do things away from our team environment to develop our individual skills and techniques. Go outside with your friends, parents and team mates in your free time and practice.

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Why is this important when shooting from distance in the highlighted scenarios?
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What are the mental aspects and Why do we need to focus on these areas as well as the technical side of shooting.
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