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Le port du voile is a very important issue in France.  The issue sparked a breaking point the 18, September 1989 when young girls refused to remove their veil in school and the controversy continues today around the world.  In December 2003, President Jacques Chirac decided that a law should forbid any visible sign of religious affiliation in public schools, due to the secular society.  In Speptember 2010, the ban of the full body face covering Burqa was banned in public places in France.  Women can still wear head scarfs in France but covering of the face is forbidded.    
It is important to be respectful of other cultures and other religions.  However, the opinion is varied as far as if people should display their religious views in public.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  
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What was your reaction to the video? Were you surprised? Have you heard of this issue before? Do you know and experience situations like these girls did in your daily life? What is your opinion on wearing religious symbols in public? Be as constructive as possible and remember that what you say could offend someone so please be careful how you word it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
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