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Here are some articles which offer perspectives on English Only.

English Only?

In this article, the peace and freedom party discusses the perspective of English Only and refutes them with sociolinguistic evidence.

The English Only Movement.

In this article, the american psychological association offers some interesting research on the English Only movement and the effectiveness of Bilingual Education.
As the English Language continues to globalize, many other languages continue to die. If the entire world only spoke English, we would loose the rich cultural and linguistic diversity the world has to offer. Think about it. Lack of biodiversity is killing the ecosystem, wouldn't it make sense that a lack of cultural and linguistic diversity would kill or at least harm global society?
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Pegal explains that in order for our globalized world to communicate effectively, our destiny is to become one world with one language. Is this Necessary? Can we be just as effective at communicating globally if people know more than one language?
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