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Additional Resources for you to Explore
The Black Dog Institute’s BITE BACK is an online positive psychology program designed to improve the overall wellbeing of young Australians between 12 and 18 years old. It contains interactive activities, quizzes, stories and videos, as well as information about various mental health topics.

ReachOut provides practical tools and support to help young people get through everything from everyday issues to tough times.

myCompass is a free online self-help program for people with mild-to-moderate depression, anxiety and stress that can be accessed on a desktop or mobile. It delivers proven psychological techniques used by doctors and psychologists such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

Learn more about mindfulness in everyday life, quick relaxation techniques, positive psychology, and managing depression with exercise, and Body Mapping Anxiety: A Guide for High School Students.

This is the last video in the series: Talking About Mental Illness. Want to learn more about busting the myths around mental illness. Watch the Smashing Stigma video.