Additional Resources for you to Explore

Your assignment is to create your own soccer ball out of recycled materials. Get more ideas from this inspirational and powerful video here!  Write a reflection on this video and submit it to your teacher.

Soccer is the world's game.  Watch this TED Ed lesson and learn a bit more about why this sport is so popular! To Those With Nothing, Soccer Is Everything from the New York Times discusses just how important soccer is to children and adults in developing countries throughout the world. Joy is Round from National Geographic is a slideshow of "magic orbs--soccer balls," made from trash.  Be sure to read this article too, "Soccer Joy and watch this quick movie!

What have other creative people made from recycled materials? Watch this video of how to make a car out of a plastic bottle. How about a complete orchestra made from trash and recycled instruments? What could you make from recycled materials? This TED Talk: Turning trash into toys for learning might give you some more ideas about what can be done with all that garbage you throw away.

For amazing artwork ideas from recycled materials visit this site and prepare to be awestruck!
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