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Lesson created by Mark Prince using

Video from Science Geeks YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

Essential physics! What is the difference between mass and weight? How would we feel when we experience the gravitational field strength of different planets? How do we calculate our weight? The video explains all this and more as our adventurous, genetically engineered, science geeks are blasted it space for their final adventure....
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BLACK HOLES - GRAVITATIONAL MONSTERS! Black holes are top of the pile when it comes to gravitational field strength. Find out what they are and why their power is so devastating, so strong that they can bend time and space itself. What would happen if you fell into a black hole? Find out as much as you can and make a presentation or poster to summarise your findings. What is a black hole?
What would happen if I fell in a black hole?
An object's mass does not change where ever you travel in the Universe! It is measured in kilograms. Weight is a force caused by gravity. It is measured in newtons. Your weight depends on the gravitational field strength of the object you are visiting. 
Gravitational field strength is measured in N/kg. You need to learn the following equation.... W = m x g.

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