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Kid President's video is all about showing RESPECT to others (except for the screaming part, of course...okay, and maybe the fart noise too). Sometimes we show respect to others by what we say or, as Kid President said, by saying "nothing". Other times, we show respect by how we conduct ourselves. No matter how we show it, we must show respect to our classmates, our teacher, our classroom, and ourselves.In a new window, open your Google Drive and create a new Google Doc. Give the new document the title "Showing Respect in the Classroom - (Last, First)" and fill in YOUR NAME. Then, complete the following:1) List some of the ways you can show respect in the classroom setting.2) When finished, narrow your list down to the TOP THREE ways to show classroom respect. Remember: your TOP THREE must include showing respect to your classmates, your teacher, your classroom, and yourself!3) Next, continue to the next task where we will discuss our TOP THREE lists!
Finally, we'll decide on an ULTIMATE TOP THREE list as our best ways to show respect in the classroom. Your teacher will lead this discussion. After creating our ULTIMATE TOP THREE list, we will compare and contrast it with the Cape Public Schools PBS matrix and answer these questions:Are there any rules that are similar or exactly the same?Are there any rules that are different?Are there any additions or changes we need to make?Thanks for participating today! As Kid President would say, YOU'RE AWESOME!
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Start by copying and pasting your TOP THREE list into this discussion...then discuss! Do you agree or disagree with the other lists? Is there anything you'd like to change about YOUR list? Remember Kid President's 4th Rule: "It's okay to disagree, but it's not okay to be mean!"
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