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Visual tips for virtual meetings or recordings

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Let’s Begin…

More and more meetings and businesses utilise video communication from our computers or mobiles.  There are hints and tips that photographers have known for a long time that we can all learn from. WATCH the video, then go to the sections THINK, DIG DEEPER and DISCUSS to learn, try and reflect! 
Additional Resources for you to Explore
According to research, video meetings are a productivity booster. 75% of individuals use it to collaborate remotely, with 90% saying it makes it easier to get a point across. 98% believes it helps in relationship building, savings are in average 30% travel cost and 66% of CxOs sees it at critical for business.

There are many tools to use when having video meetings, where some of the more common are Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and WhatsApp.

There are some technical setups that you may want to revisit to improve quality and this article shares more hints and tips on this. 
We have now revisited how we can improve visuals for video meetings and recordings.

Maybe its time to experiment? What videos could you record to test your new insights? Maybe create a short video, maybe review an article or a book, and share with friends or put it on you tube?  Get more inspiration on ideas for topics for videos.

Videos are great digital tools and we use it to inspire and be inspired at  Digoshen, where we work with to guide leaders to Sense at Scale, Involve to Innovate and Align the Actions. We do it because we want to amplify the voices of the purpose-driven leaders needed to unleash the ocean of digital business opportunities needed to create a better world. 

Want to learn about another digital tool - take our short lesson What is a Podcast? to learn what a podcast is, how to find them and how to organise them. 

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What one thing can you improve yourself when having video meetings?   
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