Additional Resources for you to Explore
This video lists the following elements in activities that generate flow:
1. Clear goals
2. Concentration and focus
3. A loss of self-consciousness
4. Distorted sense of time
5. Clear and immediate feedback
6. Perfect equilibrium of skill and challenge
7. Sense of personal control
8. Activity is intrinsically rewarding

Create a list of activities and tasks that you feel can generate flow. For example, listening to music, reading a book, solving a math problem. Identify the common elements in all these activities. Does your list match the ones listed in the video? Which components do you think are most critical for learning environments/resources/courses?

As educationists and learning professionals, we desire our learners to have a similar experience. What are the elements in a learning solution that you created recently that do not match the components that create flow. For example, do you provide immediate feedback or does the learning provide a perfect equilibrium of skill and challenge?

Explore the diagram here: think about what do your learners experience in the learning environment and while taking your learning programs?