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After watching the video think about a book that you think someone in your class would like to read but maybe hasn't heard of before.  Think about what the important parts of the book are and what other students may like about the book.

Below is a list of examples of Toontastic. Use these to help plan how you will make your book trailer.

Example that I made:

Here are some student examples:

Toontastic Thriller
Time Adventure
Haunted House

Book Trailer Examples by kids

 Happy Like Soccer
Chloe and the Lion
The Soccer Fence
Belly Up
Here are some reminders:

1. Choose a book that you think a lot of students would like but may not know about. Choosing     a  book everyone has read will not get people to watch it.

2. You must have a script of what you plan to do and say. This may change as you work with     Toontastic. 

3. When you have completed your script let me know and I will ok it and let you know you are ready to make your trailer. Make sure you look over the rubric so that all areas are covered.

You are now ready to start your book trailer and watch other trailers by students in our class. Feel free to create more on your own!
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What are some things that must be or not be in a book trailer?
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What is a book that you want to do a trailer on?
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