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Half-life can be seen all over the world. For instance, half-life is used in carbon dating. All living things have carbon-14 in them whether you're a plant or a human; basically, scientists have to compare the amount of carbon in the dead subject and the amount of carbon in a living one. For instance, we use carbon dating as a way of finding the true age of fossils or human remains. Half-life also has to be taken into consideration when dealing with radiation besides carbon-14. There are obviously different degrees of radiation: harmless to lethal. However, the whole point is that it does decay. The issue is that some half-lives are extremely long while others take a millisecond; for instance, Potassium-40 takes billions of years and only a small amount is inside of a banana.  In case you'd like to find how half-life can be switched, take a look at double-time. Instead of things decreasing by its half, things are doubling over time; it's basically like opposite day. Bacteria grows in this way, but it grows in a series of phases where at some points it decreases. You can also see such a topic in population growth as well.