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Looking for an Affordable Way to Brand Yourself or Your Company?

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Video from The Futur YouTube Channel

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During these tough economic times, it's especially promising to hear of new business starting up in Berlin., located in Germany, is one such company. Ivy and Wilde is an online business dedicated to helping people and businesses brand themselves, quickly and effectively.
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"With many people deciding to branch out on their own, whether due to a layoff or as a way to augment their current salary-Ivy and Wilde offers a practical, affordable way to brand yourself or your company. Whether it be through a logo, website, or a variety of digital and print materials, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Ivy and Wilde is committed to helping people portray the right message immediately," says Christine Harriss, Co-founder of The beauty of is that it's so easy. The site itself is easy to navigate and easy to understand, even for a computer novice. Most communication is done via email to increase efficiency and keep customer costs down. "While we encourage most conversations to be handled via email, there are certainly occasions when a phone conversation is needed-especially in regard to some of our more advanced digital services- so Ivy and Wilde also provides clients with a 1-800 number for added convenience," remarks Harriss. While Ivy and Wilde provides logos, websites and more to both individuals and start-up businesses, it's also an ideal solution for small to midsize companies looking to update or expand their current suite of materials. "Almost anyone can afford Ivy and Wilde," comments Wendy Christie, Co-founder. "Sure, you can find sites that offer logos for $99 in an hour. It's not about "insert" your business name here. That's not who we are or who we want to be. We think your company deserves more than that. You've put time, effort and energy into your business and your branding should reflect that. Spend your time where you should-growing your business-and let Ivy and Wilde brand you effectively. Ivy and Wilde allows everyone to have professional looking, custom-designed materials at an affordable price." is Berlin-based and all work is done locally. That means award-winning, Berlin-based designers work on your projects. Work is not outsourced. That means that jobs and revenue stay here, something especially important during this economic climate.

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