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Here is some game footage of Ronaldo executing these moves against opposition players. Look at the changes of speed and direction in addition to his quick footwork.
An element to being successful when dribbling is by having fast footwork. This helps disguise what move you are about to use and help get the defender off balance. Here are 12 different patterns you can practice at home. By doing these for only 10 minutes each day will dramatically improve your foot speed.
Here the F2 Freestylers look at the stats (up until 2015) between Messi and Ronaldo to determine who is best. Both have fantastic stats and ultimately we are very fortunate to witness two of the greatest ever players. They have pushed each other and generated stats that have not been seen before.
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How can we as players become better at dribbling? Whats skills do we need - technical and physical? What habits do we need? 
Why is dribbling important within a team game? How does me dribbling help my teammates?
Where is the best place to asses my dribbling ability?
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