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Overview of topics related to language assessment and technology

Chapelle, C. A., & Voss, E. (2016). 20 years of technology and language assessment in Language Learning & Technology. Language Learning & Technology, 20(2), 116–128.

Authoring Systems

Google Forms is an example of an authoring tool for developing self-grading quizzes for your students. These quizzes can be delivered through a link in an email or on a course website or distributed with through the Google Learning platform Google Classroom. The two links below provide more information on these tools.

Google Classroom

Training for Google Tools

Fluency Tutor for Google

Item Types
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Test Score Analysis
Visit Glenn Fulcher's website for Excel templates to analyze test scores and much more on language testing:

For more information on using Excel to analyze test scores and the statistics used in these templates, see Testing in Language Programs: A Comprehensive Guide to English Language Assessment (2005) by J.D. Brown or Designing and Analyzing Language Tests (2011) by Nathan T. Carr.   

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