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Additional Resources for you to Explore
Sometimes a film is worth a hundred million words as is the case for the film 2E: Twice Exceptional. This film about Twice Exceptional students is a profound viewing experience. Click here to read about how this film changed a parent's perception of her child.

An excellent starting point in terms of understanding a Twice Exceptional Learner is the article "Gifted Children's Challenges with Learning and Attention Issues."

Often, the hallmark of giftedness and especially giftedness combined with a Learning Disability, is asynchronicity. Click here for a quick video describing how asynchronicity manifests itself.

So your child has recently been diagnosed as twice exceptional: what are some questions you might want to ask your school? Click here for a useful checklist that can help you discover what services your school provides for your child.

LD@School has a superb resource for teachers of Twice Exceptional Learners. Click here to access checklists, infographics, specific strategies and more.

For parents, educators, and students who want an even more extensive listing of readings regarding Twice Exceptionality, this annotated bibliography from 2E is incredible. 

This syllabus for a course for parents of Twice Exceptional students provides a plethora of readings plus a series of questions that can help parents better understand both themselves and their child.

Often, parents of Twice Exceptional children come to realize that they too are Twice Exceptional. This realization usually occurs while parents seek out supports and information regarding their own child. Click here to read an article about what it is like to realize you are a Twice Exceptional Adult.

Finally, two videos provide some key insights: 

This one is a short documentary. The student voices are powerful and profound. 

The second video is for parents seeking advice in terms of finding the best educational setting for their children. 

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