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With the help of this program, many alcoholics have recovered from their addiction - and you could be one of them. The 12-step program One of the key parts of a program like this is the desire and will to make a positive change. With this personal drive, the program can help an addict to deal with the issues that lead to alcohol abuse step by step. Each step is specially designed to target an area of an alcoholic's life and as they progress through these, they will be able to discover the thinking and behavioural patterns that lead them to alcohol. For example, the first step of the program involves the addict admitting that they have a problem with alcoholism. Sometimes, addicts find it hard to even see that they have an issue - and it can take a lot to realise it. It can help an addict to develop coping skills When somebody knows that they have a problem and wants to stop, the next steps that need to be taken are the ones that help with the common alcoholism triggers (triggers are what make an addict want to consume alcohol). Triggers can be anything, whether it's a certain emotion or even just seeing somebody else drink. With the help of the 12-step alcohol addiction program, a patient can learn to develop coping skills which can help them to cope with these triggers, as well as to find alternative ways to deal with them. Things like being able to handle their cravings and replacing the thinking patterns which lead to drinking with other thoughts are things which can be included in this part of the process. Support The program also relies on a supportive environment. Some of the alcoholics in 12-step programs may be in a further stage of recovery and they can help a newcomer who's still struggling with alcohol cravings and also withdrawal symptoms. Those who have been through it will know just how a new member feels, as they will have had similar experiences. This makes them great at helping new patients feel comfortable. They can also offer advice and help to guide others through steps which they have already completed. Read more abut the 12 Step Program at Wikipedia