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What are your triggers for needing that cigarette?

Do you smoke with your coffee, after sex, with other people that smoke, on your breaks, in the car or while on the phone?

Avoid alcohol and parties that may contribute to your addiction.

Look for a replacement after meals by changing the idea that you may want something in your hand. You can try chewing gum, chewing on a stick or playing on your cell phone.

Finally, it is the hope that this video will help you identify how you became acquainted with smoking and how making changes in your behavior can break you free from this relationship.

Examine where you are in the preparation to stop smoking.

Become knowledgeable of the effects of nicotine, so that it does not control you.

And lastly, try treatment plans that are personal to you and do not be afraid to make changes if necessary. You can do it!
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1. Educate your family on the support system(s) you choose. 2. Be honest with your healthcare provider to better assist you with your choices and dilemmas. 3. If you fail, you are not a failure. Try other methods to be successful keep trying. 4. Stick to methods that are proven to work. Acupuncture and hypnosis compared to placebos have not been proven effective. 5. Remember medications can be temporary and if combined with behavioral changes can lead to success!
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