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Music always sets the mood when going on a trip. So our first destination will be to visit Mr. Nicky who has some beats laid down for us....Ancient Mesopotamia Song By Mr. NickyWhat calender did they invent based upon the moon and the stars? Click here to find out....The Mesopotamian calendarSumer figured out how to write with a stylus on wet clay. It is called cuneiform. Learn more about cuneiform.....Ancient Scripts: CunieformSumerians became so good at farming that some could quit farming and let other work the farm. What are kind of jobs did they have? Click here to find out....History of Ancient SumerGettin' Ziggy with It
This clay plaque (c. 17th century B.C.E.) depicts what some archaeologists believe is the Sumerian goddess Inanna, patron deity of fertility. Makes you wonder who'll find those Barbie dolls you buried in the backyard.Because of the surplus grain, the government could grow in size to support numerous officials and priests. It could also pay thousands of workers with barley while they were building canals, city walls, and ziggurats or while they were fighting to defend their city-state or extend its influence over the region. The barley was collected as a tax from the farmers.Learn more about this here...Life In SumerJoin Goldridge Elementary on their adventure through early civilizations by clicking here....Sixth Grade Social Studies Games

Mesopotamian Ruins of Dara in Southeast

K- What is one thing that you already knew about Mesopotamia before our adventure began?
W- What do you still think is interesting and want to learn more about? Culture? Customs? How they cooked their food? Name it.
L- Name two things that you learned new on our Literacy Field Trip?
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