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Sustainable Investing: What you didn't know could make you money. | Karina Funk | TEDxWilmington

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How Does Sustainable Investment Work? Nowadays a range of environmentally aware services and features, are available within the construction industry, particularly within Australia, where the demand for eco-constructions is on the rise. One particular solution for developers and business owners alike is called sustainable investment and although the term…
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How Does Sustainable Investment Work? Offering a range of environmentally aware services and features, modern businesses certainly seem to be paving the way for the construction industry – particularly within Australia, where the demand for eco-constructions is on the rise. One particular solution for developers and business owners alike is called sustainable investment and although the term might seem pretty self-explanatory, the reality is that it actually refers to a multi-faceted system offering an extensive range of rewards. What does it mean? According to general terminology, any investment considered sustainable is typically considered socially aware (environmentally-orientated), ethical and boasting a moderate to high chance of seeing a satisfactory ROI (return on interest). It incorporates a range of features that rely on advanced protocols and techniques to offer a substantial variety of rewards for investors – and this is what makes these types of solutions so appealing to those in a financial position to invest. Unlike impact investing that typically relies on developing strategies to create social opportunities for businesses, the fact that this alternative is sustainable means that the rewards can be enjoyed well into the future. These types of investment opportunities are wide and varied, but one that is becoming increasingly particular is the concept of green or eco-homes. These properties are considered the way of the future and their construction can often yield 5, 6 and even 7 figure profits. How does it work? Companies such as Investa are at the forefront of new developments, but unlike other construction services that focus on providing residencies in the form of homes, or working environments such as offices – Investa instead focus on environmentally-friendly solutions. From their world-renowned, eco-friendly workplaces in Sydney, right through to their luxury residential solutions; the brand have demonstrated that with careful consideration and forethought, health-enhancing homes can be achieved. By utilising state of the art technologies and renewable resources, the agency have developed a range of ways to blend luxury living with health, and their automated smart homes are hotly sought after throughout Australia. And it’s these very premises that offer investors the opportunity to sustain their income well into the future, with minimal risk. According to research, a whopping 96% of governments around the world are attempting to minimise their carbon footprints by investing in smarter, healthier homes that are good for those that own them, as well as for the environment. And with eco-inspired agencies paving the way to achieve these goals, investors are in a better position now than ever before to invest and reap the rewards as the years go by. And as with all things, with a very small percentage of homes benefiting from sustainability features, now is certainly the time to invest before the market becomes overcrowded (as is often the case when newer technologies become available).
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