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Multidisciplinary: Responsive Engagement Using Instant Data
Many teachers use the simple act of calling on students in class to assess learning.  The problem with this is that the progress of the entire class is assessed based on one or two students' responses.  Hand-raising gives teachers an illusion about how engaged the class is.  Teachers need a better way to accurately gather formative data to measure student engagement.  The question all teachers should be asking is 'How do I get my students truly engaged with this?'.  
There are different responsive tools that teachers can utilize to collect data on student engagement and performance.  
The Frist Responder: Clickers
Although clickers seem to be a good way of collecting student data, there are many downsides that most people don't consider.  While clickers allow teachers to gather student data, the data collected is not organic because teachers cannot create their own diagnostic questions.  Clickers only allow teachers to create questions using a prepared format that doesn't necessarily match the content.  Clickers also require that students stop learning in an attempt to log into their accounts to input their answers.  This practice of receive student data is too formal and time consuming. 
Turning Technologies: NXT Responders
NXT responders do not require students to log into an account in order to input their answers.  These responders also allow for teachers to create their own forms of assessments based on what is best for the content they are teaching.  NXT responders also allow teachers to group students based on their understanding of the content instead of in predetermined groups.  This allows teachers to differentiate content for students.  After assessing using the NXT responders, students can either decide to move on to independent work if they have mastered the content or they can continue with the remainder of the lesson if they need extra instruction time.  This empowers students to make decisions about they education, but the teacher can make sure they receive the instruction they need because they will have immediate data on student knowledge.  The NXT responders also allow students to directly submit questions to teachers during class, and they can notify teachers if they need extra help without wasting time waiting to gain the teachers attention.    
NXT Responders supply instant data and feedback that is flexible and determined by student performance from class to class.  No tracking!
Improved Student Achievement:
Using the right tool for the right job-tablets vs. iPads
Tablets: creativity and projects
Responders: instant feedback, ease of use, teacher control 

Possible Grants to Apply For:
Innovative Grants program 
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Discuss the benefits of using different types of responders in the classroom. How do they benefit both students and teachers? Do they distract from or benefit student learning?
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