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Dunbar's Number: Why We Can't Have More Than 150 Friends

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Dunbar's numberNOUNa theoretical limit to the number of people with whom any individual is able to sustain a stable or meaningful social relationship (usually considered to be roughly 150):even in the age of Facebook, the number of friends with whom you keep in touch is likely to be less than Dunbar’s number

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Three Questions for Robin Dunbar:1. You famously posited that humans have the cognitive capacity to maintain about 150 stable social relationships. How have tools such as Facebook changed our capacity to handle social connections?2. Does this “Dunbar number” limit how much Facebook can grow and what it can do?3. How do social-networking tools shape offline social behavior? Could there be negative consequences that we haven’t anticipated?
Read Prof. Dunbar's answers here:
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Read the following blogpost: Do you agree that weak ties are more valuable than strong ties? Why?
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