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Additional Resources for you to Explore
Continue listening to the video. It is about Creative Commons license, a type of copyright created especially for the web. In a Creative Commons license, an author states from the beginning what other people are allowed to do with his/her creation, how they can do it and to what purpose.

Look for the following What is Creative Commons? and try to explain in words, with a graph or images what is the difference between copyright and a creative commons license.
What is the general symbol of Creative Commons? What do the symbols that follow mean?

Make a list of sites where you can find music, photos and videos licensed under a creative commons license. You can start by looking here Now, find a photo, or music or video with a CC license, copy the link and the license symbols. What can you do with it? How can you use it?

So, if you want to use a piece of work created under a CC license, you need to ‘attribute’ it, that is clearly report who the author is. Read this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and explain  how you can attribute the work of authors under Creative Commons. Now, write the attribution next to the photo, or music or video you selected in the above STEP 2.