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1. This video was developed for the Birds-of-Paradise Project. For more videos and online interactives please visit: www.birdsofparadiseproject.orgThe birds-of-paradise are among the most beautiful creatures on earth—and an extraordinary example of evolutionary adaptation. On this site you can find what few have witnessed in the wild: the displays of color, sound, and motion that make these birds so remarkable. Then you can delve deeper, examining the principles that guided their evolution and the epic adventure it took to bring you all 39 species.2. Interested in exploring more spectacular examples of natural and sexual selection? The Macaulay Library houses the world’s largest online archive of animal recordings. Click here to dive into the collection: http://macaulaylibrary.org3. Interested in more information about birds? All About Birds is an online guide to birds and bird watching. To find out more please visit: http://www.allaboutbirds.org4. Have you ever wished you knew more about the bird behaviors you observe? Why they do what they do? The online Courtship and Rivalry in Birds course gives you a guided peek into their world. For more information or to enroll visit: you a teacher? 5. This video is also featured in the Sexual Selection lesson from the new curriculum resource Evolution in Paradise designed for middle and high school students. Download the free lessons here: millions of years of evolution many of the birds-of-paradise look like they’re from another planet entirely, but they have evolved over millions of years here on earth in the forests of Papua New Guinea. These Evolution in Paradise lessons have been developed in conjunction with the Birds-of-Paradise Project to share with students the science and splendor of these birds while helping middle and high school teachers meet the Framework for K-12 Science Education standards. 6. Ornamentation in Birds is an inquiry-based investigation designed to help high school and college students develop and test their hypotheses about the evolution of elaborate traits in birds using an online scientific archive. To download please visit:
Thank you for watching!Video created by the Cornell Lab of OrnithologyPhotos and video by Tim LamanIllustrations by Andrew Leach
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