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DNA Origami: Folding on The Smallest Scale

Lesson created by Kerstin Göpfrich using

Video from Cambridge University YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

We all know DNA as the material that stores the information of life. Today, scientists also use it for a different purpose: to create arbitrary nanoscale objects. After watching this video, you will understand how DNA can be folded into the shape of a crane or a crocodile. But DNA origami might also have applications in the real word - and it is up to us to discover them!

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Would you like to start designing your own DNA origami? You can download the software for free: Here are two two tutorials: ,

Keep in mind: Physics is more diverse than you might think.
Physics can be creative and explorative. It is exciting to be at the forefront of discovery and find answers to real-life problems.

I am a physicist myself. Today, I am working on DNA-origami, but I am still a physicist. Suddenly, the reaction of people around me changed: What I am doing is no longer nerdy, scary or boring.  This observation made me think about where our image of a physicist comes from. The media? Our education? Whatever it is, it is only us scientists who can change it. This is why I made this video.

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DNA origami is at the transition from proof of principle, from DNA crocodiles, to real-world applications. There is still a lot to discover and to invent. As a scientist, I am curious to hear about your ideas on what to build from DNA origami. Who knows, you might be able to turn these ideas into reality.
11/27/2014 • 
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