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Would you like to start designing your own DNA origami? You can download the software for free: Here are two two tutorials: ,

Keep in mind: Physics is more diverse than you might think.
Physics can be creative and explorative. It is exciting to be at the forefront of discovery and find answers to real-life problems.

I am a physicist myself. Today, I am working on DNA-origami, but I am still a physicist. Suddenly, the reaction of people around me changed: What I am doing is no longer nerdy, scary or boring.  This observation made me think about where our image of a physicist comes from. The media? Our education? Whatever it is, it is only us scientists who can change it. This is why I made this video.

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DNA origami is at the transition from proof of principle, from DNA crocodiles, to real-world applications. There is still a lot to discover and to invent. As a scientist, I am curious to hear about your ideas on what to build from DNA origami. Who knows, you might be able to turn these ideas into reality.
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